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Despegar History: Year 1

Who are the founders of Despegar?

Despegar was founded by Roberto Souviron, Martín Rastellino, Ernesto Cadeiras, Federico Fuchs, Christian Vilate, Alejandro Tamer, and Mariano Fiori.

When did Despegar purchase its domain name?

Despegar purchased the decolar.com domain name in July 1999 and the despegar.com domain name in November 1999.

When did the design and development efforts start at Despegar?

Despegar started its design and development efforts in July 1999.

When was Despegar incorporated?

Despegar was incorporated as Decolar.com Inc. in August 1999.

How much venture capital did Despegar raise?

Despegar raised over $30 million USD in 2 rounds of funding.

When did Despegar go public?

Despegar started trading on the NYSE in September 2017.

Where was Heroku headquartered?

Despegar was/is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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