Founding History of Groupon

Founded by Andrew Mason, Eric Lefkofsky, and Brad Keywell.

Started design and development work in November 2006.

Purchased the domain name and incorporated as The Point LLC in January 2007.

Launched The Point in September 2007.

Converted The Point LLC into The Point Inc. in January 2008.

Pivoted to daily deals in October 2008.

Purchased the domain name in May 2009.

Launched Groupon in June 2009.

Amended the company name to Groupon Inc. in April 2010.

Raised more than $1.1 B USD in 6 funding rounds.

Started trading on the NASDAQ in November 2011.

Headquartered in Chicago, USA.

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Year 1 of Groupon


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Month 1

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Version 1 of Groupon (Website)

SEP 2007

Stats of Groupon (Pre-IPO)

2006 to 2009

2010 to 2011

Full Year 1 of Groupon

Y1 of Groupon.pdf

NOV 2006 to OCT 2007

Extras of Groupon

FEB 2008 promo video about The Point by Andrew Mason

OCT 2008 talk by Andrew Mason on The Rational Pursuit of Change

Form S-1.pdf

Groupon Form S-1

OCT 2012 Andrew Mason and What I've Learned at Groupon

Groupon's Andrew Mason: Pt. 1, The Rise

Groupon's Andrew Mason: Pt. 2, The Fall