Founding History of Riot Games

Founded by Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck.

Started design and development work in April 2006.

Purchased domain name in May 2006.

Incorporated as Riot Games Inc. in August 2006.

Unveiled a demo version of Onslaught in March 2007.

Purchased domain name in September 2008.

Launched an alpha version of League of Legends in February 2009.

Raised $16.5 M USD in three rounds of funding.

Accepted a $400 million acquisition offer from Tencent in February 2011.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA.

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Year 1 of Riot Games


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Version 1 of Riot Games (Game)

MAR 2007

Stats of Riot Games (Pre-Sale)

2006 to 2009

2010 to 2011

Full Year 1 of Riot Games

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