Founding History of Udacity

Founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky.

Purchased the domain name and started design and development work in May 2011.

Purchased the ai-class domain name in June 2011.

Incorporated as Know Labs Inc. in June 2011.

Launched in open beta in October 2011.

Purchased the domain name in January 2012.

Amended the company name to Udacity Inc. in February 2012.

Raised more than $235 M USD in five rounds of funding.

Headquartered in Mountain View, USA.

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Year 1 of Udacity


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Month 11

Month 12

Version 1 of Udacity (Website)

OCT 2011

Stats of Udacity

2011 to 2014

2015 to 2018

2019 to 2020

Full Year 1 of Udacity

Y1 of Udacity.pdf

MAY 2011 to APR 2012

Extras of Udacity

Articles of Incorporation.pdf

JUN 2011 Articles of Incorporation

JUL 2011 promo video for the 'Online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' MOOC

Name Amendment.pdf

FEB 2012 Company Name Amendment

JAN 2012 Talk about Udacity at the DLD Conference