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Intel History: Year 1

Who are the founders of Intel?

Intel was founded by Robert Noyce and Robert Moore.

When did design and development efforts start at Intel?

Intel started design and development efforts in May 1968.

When was Intel incorporated?

Intel was incorporated as N.M Electronics in July 1968 and changed its name to Intel Corporation in August 1968.

How much venture capital did Intel raise?

Intel raised $2.5M USD in a single round of funding in August 1968.ย 

When did Intel launch its first product commercially?

Intel launched its first product commercially in April 1969.

When did Intel go public?

Intel started trading on the NYSE in October 1971.

Where was Intel headquartered?

Intel was/is headquartered in Santa Clara, USA.

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What happened during the year 1 of Intel?


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What was the version 1 of Intel's first product like?

APR 1969

What are some of the pre-IPO stats for Intel?

1968 to 1971

What were some of the extra materials about Intel?

1971 Annual Report.pdf

1971 Annual Report

2014 JUL Gordon Moore and Arthur Rock Oral History Panel

2014 JUL The Intel Trinity

F2016 FEB Robert Noyce: The Man Behind the Microchip

JUL 2018 Remembering 1968: The birth of Intel