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Intuit History: Year 1

Who are the founders of Intuit?

Intuit was founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx.

When did the first design and development efforts start at Intuit?

Intuit started its first design and development efforts in March 1983.

When was Intuit incorporated?

Intuit was incorporated in March 1984.

When did Intuit launch its first product commercially?

Intuit launched its first product commercially in October 1984.

How much venture capital did Intuit raise?

Intuit raised $12 million USD in two rounds of funding.

When did Intuit go public?

Intuit went public in March 1993 on the NASDAQ.

Where was Intuit headquartered?

Intuit was headquartered in Palo Alto, USA.

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What happened during the year 1 of Intuit?


Month 1

Month 2

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What was the version 1 of Intuit's first product of like?

OCT 1984

What are some of the pre-IPO stats for Intuit?

1983 to 1986

1987 to 1990

1991 to 1993

What were some of the extra materials about Intuit?

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