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Just-Eat History: Year 1

Who are the founders of Just-Eat?

Just-Eat was founded by Jesper Buch, Henrik Ostergaard, Per Meldgaard, and Christian Frismodt.

When was Just-Eat incorporated?

Just-Eat was incorporated as Just-Eat AS in July 2000 as well as Invest IT AS in January 2001.

When did Invest IT AS and Just-Eat merge?

Just-Eat and Invest IT AS merged in March 2001.

When did Just-Eat launch commercially?

Just-Eat launched commercially in August 2001.

When did Just-Eat unveil its first product?

Just-Eat unveiled its first product in August 2001.

How much venture capital did Just-Eat raise?

Just-Eat raised $137 million USD in three rounds of funding.

When did Just-Eat go public?

Just-Eat went public on the LSE in April 2014.

Where was Just-Eat headquartered?

Just-Eat was headquartered in Kolding, DK.

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What happened during the year 1 of Just-Eat?


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What was the version 1 of Just-Eat like?

AUG 2001

What are some of the pre-IPO stats for Just-Eat?

2000 to 2003

2004 to 2007

2008 to 2011

2012 to 2014

What were some of the extra materials about Just-Eat?

DEC 2012 Interview with Jesper Buch