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Shopify History: Year 1

Who are the founders of Shopify?

Shopify was founded by Tobias Lütke, Scott Lake, and Daniel Weinand.

When did Shopify purchase its domain name?

Shopify purchased shopify.com domain name in April 2005 and the jadedpixel.com domain name in July 2005.

When did design and development efforts start at Shopify?

Shopify started design and development work in August 2005. 

When was Shopify incorporated?

Shopify incorporated as Jaded Pixel Technologies in January 2006 and amended its name to Shopify Inc. in November 2011.

When did Shopify launch publicly?

Shopify launched in closed beta in April 2006 and in open beta in June 2006.

How much venture capital did Shopify raise?

Shopify raised more than $120 million USD in 4 rounds of funding. 

When did Shopify go public?

Shopify started trading on the NYSE in May 2015.

Where was Shopify headquartered?

Shopify was/is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

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What happened during the year 1 of Shopify?


Month 0

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

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Month 12

What was the version 1 of Shopify like?

APR 2006

What are some of the pre-IPO stats for Shopify?

2005 to 2008

2009 to 2012

2013 to 2015

What were some of the extra materials about Shopify?

2006 JAN.pdf

2006 JAN Articles of Incoporation

2006 NOV Leo Laporte interviews Scott Lake

2006 NOV Leo Laporte interviews Tobias Luetke

2013 AUG Tobi Lutke - Founder & CEO of Shopify

Form F-1.pdf

2015 APR Form F-1