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Wikipedia History: Year 1

Who are the founders of Wikipedia?

Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales, Michael Davis, and Tim Shell.

When was Wikipedia incorporated?

Wikipedia was first incorporated as Bomis Inc. in November 1996 and later as Wikimedia Foundation Inc. in June 2003.

When did Wikipedia purchase its domain names?

Wikipedia purchased its first domain name, www.bomis.com, in November 1996. It purchased it's second domain name, www.nupedia.com,  in October 1999. It's third domain name, www.wikipedia.org, was purchasd in January 2001.

When did the first design and development efforts start at Wikipedia?

Wikipedia started its first design and development efforts in October 1999.

When was Wikipedia publicly unveiled?

Nupedia was publicly unveiled in March 2000. Wikipedia was publicly unveiled in January 2001.

Where was Wikipedia headquartered?

Wikipedia was headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

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What happened during the year 1 of Wikipedia?


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What was the version 1 of Wikipedia like?

MAR 2000

What are some of the stats for Wikipedia?

1999 to 2002

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What were some of the extra materials about Wikipedia?

Articles of Incorporation for Bomis.pdf

1996 NOV Articles of Incorporation

2005 SEP Q&A with Jimmy Wales

2013 NOV Wikipedia's forgotten founder Larry Sanger

2016 DEC Ward Cunningham, Inventor of the Wiki

2021 DEC Rewriting history: first Wikipedia edit to be sold as an NFT